Crowdfunding Is Not Just About Money...

I've been busy helping a few people out lately with feedback on their crowdfunding campaigns.

Been switching forth between helping people and also answering questions people have about my crowdfunding course, The Crowdfunded! Kit .

All that got me bothered about a troubling pattern I kept seeing: many projects I’ve helped are really great ideas/products, do the right marketing things, but still fail to reach their campaign goals.

And then it struck me hard why: They focused on the money first.

Community came second.

But viewing crowdfunding as a community building process can lead to better fundraising results, than merely viewing it as a financial transaction.

To quote from an African proverb:

“If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together”

That said, it brings me great joy to share with you of a success story in this very email list!

On Sept 30 2014, Tom, Jarryd, and William of Heat Seek NYC successfully concluded their Kickstarter campaign with $15,673 raised (congratulations guys!).

Their inspiring cause: helping thousands of New Yorkers with no heat at home, keep the heat on in winter.

And like Heat Seek NYC, I'd like to see you succeed too in your campaign.

So I wrote this post:

How To Attract Kickstarter Fans Before Your Project Becomes Another Failure

I hope you like this post .

Now I'm back to answering questions about The Crowdfunded! Kit.



I don’t want your crowdfunding education to end here, so I’m putting together a guidebook, and a free three-week course called “5 Ways To Find Users For Testing Your Crowdfunding Idea”. There will be some overlap between that content and this post, but the email course will walk you through some ways you can find users to test your idea.” Also check out the upcoming launch of my latest book: "The Crowdfunded Kit"

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