How To Get Traction For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Martin Kessler, a good friend of mine, has just written a superb and detailed article on getting traction for your crowdfunding campaign.

Martin is the crowdfunding whiz behind the Ambiclimate Smart A/C control system on Kickstarter, and already has helped raise over $100,000 (4 times the funding goal!).

This guy's a crowdfunding heavyweight; with 3 past successfully funded campaigns under his belt, he definitely knows what he's talking about.

I think you'll benefit GREATLY from his wealth of advice on how to get started with getting a groundswell of traction for your crowdfunding campaign.

And he has generously shared his knowledge with you in this article.

Here it is:

Enjoy and thanks!



I don’t want your crowdfunding education to end here, so I’m putting together a guidebook, and a free three-week course called “5 Ways To Find Users For Testing Your Crowdfunding Idea”. There will be some overlap between that content and this post, but the email course will walk you through some ways you can find users to test your idea.” Also check out the upcoming launch of my latest book: "The Crowdfunded Kit"

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