'mind-reading' the forums

This is Lesson 4 of my crowdfunding course: "5 Ways To Find Your First 100 Kickstarter Backers."

Do you ever wish you could find the questions that they dying to have answered?

Or to know what are the biggest complaints, or things they needed help on?

You can be the one to answer all these, and at the same time, find them to do interviews.

Here's a strategy that I use on forums to find out exactly who these users are.

It's kind of like 'mind-reading'.

By the way, this technique is just one of many crowdfunding marketing tactics in my book, The Crowdfunded! Kit.

Here's how:

Step 1: Look for forums

In whatever niche you're in, look for forums where people in your niche get together. The best way to do this is to go into Google and type:


So for example, for the crowdfunding niche, you'd type in:

forum:crowdfunding (make sure you type in "forum", and not "forums").

Google will give you a huge list of all the top forums in the niche, usually ordered by popularity.

Step 2. Use Search tool

Go into one of the forums, and look for a search tool, or a search field that will let you search for certain terms that people have written in the forum posts.

Some forums allow visitors or guests to perform searches without registering, while others require you to register first.

In the search field, type in some the following terms and see what you come up with:

'advice about'
'I hate it when'
'I need help with'
'can anyone help me'
'I'm looking for'
'really bad'
'desperate for'
'can't find'
'have no clue'
'question about'

You can also try other search terms that are related.

Some forums will not allow regular search words such as 'help', 'question', so you'll have to get a little creative there with your search terms.

Chances are, you'll find someone in need of help about something.

When I searched crowdfunding forums, here were some threads that came up:

'How do you get more users to visit'
'How do you get attention from bloggers'
'Searching for tips.....Please help!'
'May I ask for advice on how to improve?'

Step 3. Contribute first!

The next step is to contribute and answer their questions in the forum thread.

I usually focus on being incredibly useful with advice.

Bonus tip: Once you've replied them, you can then use the private message function in the forums to contact them directly (most forums have this feature).

You can then ask them if they are keen to talk further.

That's it. It's that simple.

Wishing you all the best!


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