Progress Update: 1 Month Into Writing The Crowdfunded! Kit

It's been one month into writing the Crowdfunded Kit.

And I won't lie.

It's tough. really tough

There were more roadblocks than success, and I had mentally prepared for them. Just that I had not prepared for them to happen so soon.

Writing a book involves way more than, well, writing a book.

You'll have to spend lots of time marketing and building up your audience.In fact, I would advise anyone planning to do the same to spend 80% of your time marketing your book, and 20% writing your book at the beginning stages.

That's because you don't want to waste your time writing a book that there's no demand for.

3 Things I've achieved In July

  • Managed to get 53 mailing list subscribers so far for the launch of the kit. A miracle happened on 17 July, when I saw a sudden surge of 21 people signing up in just one day, mainly through Hacker News.

  • An EPIC blog post that got 6 retweets and 2 favorites after I posted it on a forum. It also generated 3 signups to my mailing list. Lesson learnt here is that if you have good content and share it where your audience hangs out, they'll come. It also helps establish you as a niche authority. It takes time, but its worth it!

  • Helped advise and share my crowdfunding experience with 2 Singapore startups. Also received a surprise Skype call from someone in France asking for crowdfunding help!

3 Things I could do better

  • Have a schedule to stay disciplined and focused. There were days where I was ultra productive, and was able to write 1,000 words a day for the week. But there were also days where I simply wasted precious hours getting distracted with signup stats, reading articles, and trying to do too many things at once.

  • Not (think) of conceding defeat too early. Last week, I spent two days writing and pitching guest posts for TheNextWeb and VentureBeat. But till now, they've not even bothered to reply. I also faced a second major roadblock, when I was told today that my pitch application was rejected for the Crowdfunding Asia Summit 2014. I had been really been looking forward to it, and had already prepared and rehearsed my pitch slides, because its a major opportunity to get mass signups. Looks like I'll have to think of a workaround though. Really, it was very tempting to throw in the towel both times, but I must keep going!

  • Remind myself more often "Why am I doing this?". It's so easy to get stuck in the mechanics of doing things, and lose sight of the big vision. This whole month, I found myself running alot of activities, but after awhile you'll realise entreprenuership is a daily grind. And to be honest, I questioned if I was truly passionate about starting up this business. But then I reminded myself why. Why? It is because I want financial freedom to pursue my future interests and never need to worry about putting bread on the table.

3 Top Things I want to Do In August

Here's the three main things I'll be working on in August:

  • Continue writing the book, section by section. I target to have the first draft ready by 31 August.

  • Interview 10 people who've run successful crowdfunding campaigns before.

  • Focus on landing guest posts on TheNextWeb, Mashable, VentureBeat.

The journey's tough, but by the grace of God, I'll press on ahead.

I shall be doing this review at the end of each month, to keep everyone updated. And if you would like to do me a favour, please help share The Crowdfunded! Kit For Startups with your friends!

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