Progress Update: 3 months in..Product's ready!

3 months ago, I stepped into the PROTAG office for the very last time. It would mark the end of 8 memorable months working in a tech startup. And now I was leaving the company to pursue my own entrepreneurial dream: To write and sell a book about crowdfunding strategy.

It was a crazy, adventurous move.

But today marks a big leap forward towards that dream. After 3 months of non-stop writing, video filming, and meeting many fellow crowdfunders, I'm glad to present to you the fruits of my labor:

Offically launching on 14 Oct (9am PDT Time)....

#The Crowdfunded! Kit

Just for the week of Oct 14, there'll be a special launch promo discount of $50 off every package (except the book version only), so leave a comment below if you're keen to get a discount coupon.

Sept Happenings

I buried myself deep in getting the entire kit ready during much of September.

And here's September's monthly progress report as I usually do at the end of each month:

3 Things I've achieved in Sept:

  • Tutorial Videos- This was where I spent the bulk of my time. All in all, I recorded 35 course tutorial videos on crowdfunding strategy and tactics for the kit.

    Talking into a camera and filming myself has always been a big fear. But after shooting those videos, not counting the many retakes that had to be done, I'm much more confident now speaking and recording screencasts.

    That's what I like about being an entreprenuer: you always have to overcome your greatest fears, and learn new things in the process! On a fun note, this was my homemade 'recording studio':

(That's the storeroom, and my mum's borrowed lamp!)

  • Coded The Sales Page From Scratch- I am still pretty amazed at how I pulled off this feat! Historically, I've never been good at CSS or coding, but this time round, I coded the entire beautiful looking sales page from scratch using Twitter Bootstrap.

    I am glad I decided to code the page myself, because it saved me a few hundred dollars that I would have spent on buying 3rd party plugins etc. Best of all, I overcomed my fear of touching CSS. Bootstrap really, really simplifies front-end development. I'm truly amazed!

  • Made my own intro video using After Effects

    I am not into animation, and neither am I into design. But I pretty much amazed myself for successfully figuring out how to use After Effects to make an intro video. The best part is that Adobe gives you a free 14 day trial to test it out, so I made sure I made full use of the free trial to generate all my intro videos, within 2 days.

2 things I felt I could do better:

  • Not slacken marketing efforts

    I really am embarassed to say this, but in the whole month of Sept, I did totally ZERO marketing! Absolutely nothing. The reason was because I had alot of work to do finalising the book, getting the packages up, shooting the videos and coding the sales page. So product development pretty much consumed most of the month.

    But an interesting thing that happened is that in spite of ZERO marketing efforts, I still kept getting the regular 3-4 SoHelpful calls each week, and my email list grew by almost 40 people. It was really funny to see this playing out, and upon further investigation, I found out that the consistent SoHelpful calls I had worked hard in August to kickstart, were beginning to take a life of its own: the people I previously helped began to refer their friends to me! Apparently word of mouth has been going around of this unknown Chinese guy who gives free crowdfunding advice. I guess where there's free, good-quality stuff out there, its natural that people will flock to you.

    Also, my email list grew automatically because of the guest posts I had done on, and TheNextWeb. I'm now totally convinced that teaching through guest posting is a very viable long term marketing strategy.

    But still, I think I could have pushed myself a little further to do more marketing.

  • Be more patient

    Lack of patience caused me over a three-week delay to get my Crowdfunded! Kit video courses up on Udemy's a fantastic alternative income stream, and if yours is a good product, they'll take care of the marketing for you.

    But getting approved onto their platform is far from easy: that's if you don't take the time to carefully read through their regulations and follow their prescribed process. I jumped the gun, because I didn't take heed to the feedbacks from Udemy's staff, for a test video that I had uploaded. Instead, I uploaded 35 videos, of which the quality weren't up to their stringent standards. And bear in mind that those videos took me over 2 weeks to shoot! I got rejected and had to redo some of those videos, costing me another week of delay. Even after the 2nd review round, I was told the videos still weren't good enough.

    Lesson learnt: instructions are always there for a reason. Read carefully.

3 goals I aim to achieve in October:

  • Make my first $1000 on launch day

    D'day's on Oct 14, and I want to make sure that the launch is done well. I aim to make at least $1,000.

    That translates to:

    About 25 book sales ($39) or 6 Mid-tier package sales ($139) or 4 Premium package sales ($249)

  • Featured guest blog posts on at least 10 blogs

    Will be heavily re-focusing my efforts too on getting two or three really good blog posts on the influential blogs. This will be a vital part of my long-term strategy of getting traffic in.

  • Get videos on Udemy and Skillfeed

    Putting my course videos on Udemy is hard work. Putting those same videos on Skillfeed is a total no-brainer.Skillfeed's like a free source of passive income. It's always good to work on and diversify your streams of passive income.

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