Table of contents for Crowdfunded!

Today marks one month since I started writing Crowdfunded!. It's been an exciting, but also very tough journey since I started.
(Read more about my journey so far in this other post:

And I thought it helpful to update everyone about the progress of the book.

But first, I'd like to announce two things:

  • The title has changed. It's now "The Crowdfunded! Kit For Startups" instead of "Crowdfunded!". This is the new, sleek cover:

Though the new title has 'startup' in it, it'll still be very relevant to those who are not startups, but are planning to launch crowdfunding campaigns.

  • I'm happy to announce that we're possibly looking at 1st October for the launch of the kit.

The good news is, I've come up with the first draft outline of the book, and have started work on writing some sections. To make it easy to understand, I've likened the layout of the outline to taking a plane journey.

Here's the Table of Contents:

Luggage Check-in

  • On Crowdfunding- Introduces crowdfunding and also suggestions for how to get the most out of this kit.

  • Prepping for launch- Key things you must prepare for before the launch. Such as customer discovery, crafting key messages, making a really good video,and setting up the campaign page.


  • The Art Of The Pre-Launch- The meatiest part of the entire kit. We'll spend lots of time looking at marketing, and building up your audience. Without an audience, your launch will struggle to get off the ground.

We're now at cruising altitude..

  • The Main Launch- How to sustain your campaign's momentum, as well as keeping project backers happy. We'll also discuss how to defeat that inevitable mid-campaign sales 'slump' monster.

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to Crowdfunded! Airport.

  • The Post Launch- You've finished your campaign and reached your funding goal. Now what next?

  • FAQs- The most commonly asked crowdfunding questions

  • The ToolKit- A rolodex of very useful resources that you can reference throughout your campaign

That's 7 chapters that give you an easy to follow roadmap for your next crowdfunding launch. Right now, I'm working on, and am about 50% done on the Art Of The Pre-Launch section.

If you've any feedback or there are things that should be added in, please comment below, or shoot me an email anytime!

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