The Crowdfunded Kit is now ready..

Today marks a big life dream fulfilled.

After 4 months of hard work, I’m happy to share that The Crowdfunded Kit! officially launches today.

It’s my very first book and video course that teaches people how to do successful crowdfunding projects. Put simply, crowdfunding is about people helping other people to fund their dreams into reality. And the best part is that everybody gets rewarded in return.

There is a 20% off promo deal running for the next 24 hours, so if you would like to grab a copy for yourself, the discount is there for you.

But its more than another book.

To me, it is a celebration of a journey on the road less travelled.

About this time last year, I turned down a very lucrative government job offer to work for a startup after graduation. Some people even told me it was a complete waste of my university degree. Furthermore, the pay was extremely low for a graduate, and the odds were not in my favor, but that didn’t matter:

  • I was hungry to learn.
  • I wanted to improve peoples lives.
  • I didn’t want to be stuck in the corporate rat race.

In short, I wanted to walk on water.

And it’s been an exciting,roller coaster journey of faith:on ‘high’ days you see new customers flooding into your website, and on 'low' days you wonder if you can even earn enough to feed yourself for the next day. But thankfully, many like-minded new friends came alongside this journey. Their support and encouragement has been wonderful, especially in times when I doubted if it was all worth it.

But one thing stays constant: The better man formed in you through all these is worth it. For that, I'll gladly do it all over again.

Thank you to my very supportive family, mentors, and friends. And above all, to God who called and faithfully seen me through all the fear,doubts,worry. I come out trusting and knowing Him more and more every single time.

Till then, I'll keep staying hungry, staying foolish (quoted, Steve Jobs)

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