The Crowdfunded Kit

I'm writing a book about crowdfunding. Here is the website.

Hello to those who don't know me.

I'm Johnathan, and I run an online crowdfunding course, and we have a bunch of awesome students.

I've also helped raise over $100K for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at my previous startup.

In addition to this, I help mentor and advise other people on their crowdfunding projects.

Recently I've become hooked on cooking Central Asian food in the kitchen, namely Uzbekistani cuisine (I managed to cook beef pilaf rice.).

But today's post is really not about food (unfortunately).

It's about a crowdfunding book that I've written.

It's called The Crowdfunded! Kit.

So what is The Crowdfunded! Kit all about?

It's a full book and video course packed full of strategy, and effective online marketing tactics to help you raise big bucks for your crowdfunding campaign.

But first...

6 Questions To Ask Yourself

I'm sure you've got questions about what you'll get out of The Crowdfunded! Kit.

Before I carry on, I'll need you to first ask yourself these 6 questions:

1.Do you have an idea or product you've always wanted to crowdfund?

2.Do you believe in the importance of crowdfunding education?

3.Would you like to increase the profits raised for your project, with minimum risk?

4.Would you like to get things done faster for your crowdfunding project, in less time?

5.Would you like to learn a cost-effective method that pays off by itself quickly andis the favourite of over 1000+ crowdfunders like yourself?

6. If you found something that gave you all these 5 benefits, would you like to get started with it right away?

If you answered "YES" to all six of those questions,

read on....

What The Crowdfunded Kit will do for you:

If you want to:

-Raise lots of money. (YES!)
-Bring your ideas to life... (YES!!)
-With the minimum amount of risk.. (YES!!!)
-Launch your crowdfunding project faster... (YES!!!)
-Follow a proven plan of success that many other crowdfunders have already used..(YES!!)

That is exactly what The Crowdfunded Kit will teach you.

It's a blueprint for success that thoroughly walks you through the entire process of running a crowdfunding campaign, from market validation, video scripting, campaign setup, getting publicity, launching well, and right down to post-campaign.

You’ll learn to follow a proven strategy and learn marketing tactics, as well as learn to avoid pitfalls from my experiences running a crowdfunding campaign.

Check out what two happy customers have to say about it:

Get the Book

Here's the link:

Order the Book Now

Thank you in advance to anyone who orders the book. And if you have a twitter account, I'd really appreciate you sharing this website I made which explains the book in a quick and clear way!


I don’t want your crowdfunding education to end here, so I’m putting together a guidebook, and a free three-week course called “5 Ways To Find Users For Testing Your Crowdfunding Idea”. There will be some overlap between that content and this post, but the email course will walk you through some ways you can find users to test your idea.” Also check out the upcoming launch of my latest book: "The Crowdfunded Kit"


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