The Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy Says He Isn't in This for the Money

What good could come out of a humble potato salad?

When I first read about the potato salad Kickstarter, i nearly fell off my desk laughing from the absurdity of it. I mean, it's the lamest (but funniest) crowdfunding campaign ever to exist. But it looks like its creator Zack Danger Brown, is about to have the last laugh.

He's set on using his potato salad as a force for good. And he seriously means it.

Originally a $10 goal, the unconventional campaign smashed over 5,549 times its funding goal, ending at $55,492. Backers can choose ingredients, personalised haikus, T-shirts, and even a bite from Brown's own salad.

But Potato Salad is more than a novelty. Brown's serious about being honest about fulfilling his unorthodox promises, beginning with the backers.

In a Mashable interview, Brown said "First and foremost, we need to fulfill the promises that we've made". At this point in time, no one knows much salad he plans to make, nor how he plans to give people a bite the salad ( picture a DHL postman unravelling a potato salad from the parcel at your doorstep for you to bite. hmmm). But it looks like he is dead serious, as his Kickstarter's FAQs says he is evaluating the "feasibility of sending potato salad around the world"

Already, a couple of brands have stepped forward to donate supplies for the potato salad prep. This would greatly cut the costs from the campaign. I seriously suspect this could have been a well planned, crafty marketing tactic to bring food brands into the foray. But who am I to assume?

Brown goes on to say that after fulfiling backer obligations, he's inviting all to an open invitation pizza party, and hopes to have some money left over to donate. But if I was a backer half way around the globe in China, would I be invited too?.

In the same Mashable interview, Brown said:

"After all that's paid for, and I'm assuming we can get a ton of [supplies] donated, there's going to be a huge amount of money left over. We're going to use that to do the most good possible"

While he's still not sure which charitable cause to contribute to though, Brown did mention working with local organizations in his native Columbus, Ohio, to help alleviate hunger or homelessness.

Brown reaffirmed:

"One thing's for sure, that money will not go in my pocket. "One thing's for sure, that money will not go in my pocket. Or into my friends' pockets.This is about something way more than us".

It's also interesting to note that Potato Salad has knowingly (or unknowingly) tested the boundaries of Kickstarter's terms of service. At last check, Kickstarter TOS prohibits the use of its platform to directly ask for funds to raise toward charity. However, the policy does not cover what a creator can or cannot do with funds raised off Kickstarter, once the campaign has ended.

Even till now, Kickstarter has not given a clear answer as to whether Brown's noble intentions to donate leftover funds to a charity violates its TOS. Rather, it's only given a ambiguous and vague statement, that "There's no single recipe for inspiration."

In the meantime, Potato Salad has spinned off a whole slew of copycats, ranging from macaroni to coleslaw salad. And naysayers have their doubts about Brown's intentions, but it seems like he isn't the least bothered, as he has been reaffirming that the funds will go to a greater cause than him.

Well, the test of time will show whether Zack Danger Brown is as good as his word. Till then, it's better to err on the side of caution. But remember the poor when you eat that next potato salad.

Do you think that Potato Salad is a well disguised marketing ploy? Let me hear your thoughts!

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