Very first ebook in the works!

One of the dreams that I set out to accomplish at the beginning of 2014, was to write my very first ebook by the end of the year. But what exactly to write? The answer came during the 8 month work stint at PROTAG.

During those 8 months,I was tasked to come up with a marketing campaign for the launch of the PROTAG Duet, on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. As I don't have a marketing background, I estimate I probably spent close to a hundred, painful hours in the first month at work mostly reading endless articles, and figuring the nuts and bolts of executing a good product launch via crowdfunding.

The experience taught me that launching a successful crowdfunding campaign is not as simple as slapping up some pictures and a few lines of text on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It involves intentional planning, and one has to go through a disciplined process that includes (in summary):

  • Knowing Thy Customers
  • Crafting key marketing message(s)
  • Creating kick-ass, viral videos that sell
  • Generating lots of pre-launch awareness
  • Sustaining the campaign momentum after launch

The end-result of vigorously following through with this process was over $106,000 raised for the crowdfunding campaign. Not bad for a first-timer heh?

Why Write An EBook Then?

While I'm glad Duet was a success, one pain I faced from the beginning right to the end was the lack of a simple,one stop,step-by-step guide to walk me through this entire process. I remember the headache of having to spend weeks poring over hundreds of blogs, articles and PDFs just to come up with the first product launch plan. Most knowledge I needed to know were scattered in bits and pieces over different blogs. I eventually settled on the top 50 most useful articles (that were bookmarked), but not before having to go through the tedious work of researching and figuring the how-tos out.

And it is for helping other marketers reduce this pain described, that I'm happy to announce work has begun on my first ever e-book! It'll help marketers, especially those new to crowdfunding, to save time, save effort and yet raise big bucks. If you're keen, sign up at the bottom of this post to be updated about the launch, or click the URL link below:

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