Why you should learn how to do an effective crowdfunding launch

“John, could you run our crowd funding campaign?”

I said yes to my boss that day. After all, he was paying my salary.

But on the inside I was freaking out:

“I don’t know how to do this. You’ve got the wrong person for this job.

What if I look stupid messing this up, big time?”

Over a year ago those were the exact thoughts that raced through my mind.

You see, I was fresh out of university and had zero marketing experience; much less crowd funding.

In short, if you had told me back then that I would someday raise $100,000, I would have thought you were crazy.

But today it’s a different story.

In the end, I managed to help raise over 100 thousand dollars on Indiegogo, and have gone on to advise over 15 startups with their crowd funding campaigns.

Since then, I’ve learnt so many things about crowd funding, and have been quite successful.

For that, I’m extremely thankful.

And I empathise and can relate when people share their crowdfunding concerns, especially if its their first time crowdfunding.

Deep down in them, the fear of failure lurks somewhere, and it’s expressed through different concerns like:

“John, I just don’t feel confident of myself at all to run a crowdfunding campaign”

“I’ve read, Googled alot about crowdfunding, but don’t know where to start”

If you identify with any of those concerns, here’s an encouragement for you: simply by reading this post, I assume you're already actively searching for crowdfunding answers.

That means you are already a step ahead of the majority of people who only dream of ideas but never take any action.

Now allow me to further explain three reasons why people fear failure:

Crowdfunding has a high failure rate

And subconsciously we believe failure might also happen to us.

It’s true that only 43% of Kickstarter projects ever hit their funding goals.

12% don’t even raise a single cent.

Quite naturally, this makes many people(myself included) shrink back in fear from taking action.

I’ve found projects fail mainly due to one of these two reasons:

-People can’t see clearly how your product will benefit them

-Nobody knows your project exists (i.e lack of proper marketing)

But it doesn’t have to happen to you.

These two problems can be avoided. There is a proven way to minimize the risk of failure, and maximize your chances of crowdfunding success.

That’s if you follow a disciplined crowdfunding strategy that I’ll show you in just awhile.

Too much information, too little time

If you’re thinking of doing a crowdfunding project, time is extremely precious.

Each day delayed could cost you anywhere between $100-$10000 of missed opportunities.

Or a competitor could release a similar product before you and snag your sales.

Having too much info, but too little time was the biggest headache I faced when I first started out on our project.

From the time my boss asked, I had only 3 months to do things like filming the video, co-ordinating the team, write pitch copy, market the product, and plan the launch.

Remember I was brand new to all these, so I had to first figure them out. So many things to do in so little time.

So I looked hard for a simple, step-by-step guide that could teach me how to put together a good crowdfunding launch plan.

It turned out there was no such guide, even though there was no lack of crowdfunding advice on the Internet.

But the information were scattered in bits and pieces throughout different blogs, articles, and PDFs.

Just to simplify the overwhelming amount of information into an actionable plan, took me a full month.

And it is for helping you minimize the headache I went through, save time, and launch faster, that I put together The Crowdfunded Kit.

“But I don’t know how”

Neither did I.

In fact, I was trained in IT, not marketing.

I don’t have a Masters in marketing or business and have never taken up a sales job before.

But if you ever want your project to succeed, you must work on getting good publicity, in order to drive traffic to your campaign page.

If you take the giant task of getting publicity and follow a solid launch plan everyday it becomes attainable.

It was by sticking to that launch plan, and learning from successful projects, that I was able to greatly reduce the steep learning curve.

Whether you have done marketing before or not it is very possible to learn how to get publicity for your crowdfunding project in a relatively short amount of time, if you follow closely with the lessons taught in this kit.

Good marketing is a massive part of any successful crowdfunding campaign.

It’s time you took ownership of it.

Bringing ideas to life

The best thing about crowdfunding is that it gives you the ability and finances to bring your ideas to life, and being able to create something you can be really proud of.

The feeling of a completed crowdfunding project is really fulfilling and sweet, and is worth every bit of the journey.

All of these involve taking an idea/or product and then putting it out there.

Learning to do an effective crowdfunding campaign launch is the most important skill for doing just that.

I’d like to teach you how to do an effective crowdfunding campaign launch.

If you would need a quick overview of what it takes to succeed in crowdfunding, you should first take a look at Crowdfunding Success Tips.

For anything else—and for the ability to launch an effective crowdfunding campaign—you should take a look at The Crowdfunded! Kit- My book and video crowdfunding course..

I write more about the Crowdfunded Kit with all the details and answers your questions in another blog post, but for now you should know a few basics:

It teaches everything needed for a successful campaign, namely: market validation, finding your product’s voice, choosing a crowdfunding platform, campaign video, getting publicity, and launching well.

We’ll thoroughly cover these in-detail in the post: More About The CrowdfundedKit

It comes in three packages:
-the book itself for $39
-an economy package with 11 lessons for $99
-and the complete package with all the lessons for $249, which also includes 6 interviews with experts, a 90 day launch plan and successful email templates + project checklists

It’s time you learned to do an effective crowdfunding launch.



I don’t want your crowdfunding education to end here, so I’m putting together a guidebook, and a free three-week course called “5 Ways To Find Users For Testing Your Crowdfunding Idea”. There will be some overlap between that content and this post, but the email course will walk you through some ways you can find users to test your idea.” Also check out the upcoming launch of my latest book: "The Crowdfunded Kit"

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