Writing a book landed me a public speaking gig!

Allow me to go off tangent here and admit something:

I finally conquered my fear of public speaking!

because last Monday, I had the honour of being a keynote speaker at the FundedByMe crowdfunding conference, held in the Singapore Stock Exchange!

Here's how it all began:

1 July 2014- yours truly took a leap of faith from a full-time job to write The Crowdfunded! Kit

22 July 2014- Wrote the epic blog post "​How I Made $106,830 On Indiegogo With This Traffic Generation Strategy" that went viral in crowdfunding circles.

6 Aug 2014- A random guy named Arno Smit leaves a comment on that blog post.

Turns out Arno's no ordinary guy. He's the co-founder of FundedbyMe.com, the no. 1 crowdfunding platform in Sweden! Arno and I then talked on Skype, and it was the beginning of greater things to come.

Coincidentally, FundedbyMe had also just begun its operations in Singapore. Arno got me connected with the good folks in the Singapore office.

21 Aug 2014- I meet FundedbyMe Singapore folks for the very first time. We hit off very well instantly.

Sept-Oct 2014- FundedbyMe folks and I meet up a couple more times just to see how we can help each other out.

13 Oct 2014 - I get the invitation to share my crowdfunding journey at FundedbyMe's official Singapore launch event. I still can't explain what made me say 'yes' to their offer,even though inside I was panicking from my fear of public speaking!

10 Oct 2014- here I was, a nobody giving a 15 minute keynote presentation to over 100+ businessmen way more senior and experienced, plus the Ambassador of Sweden

Here are some photos from the event:

(that's me speaking)

(Mr Ambassador on the last left of picture, and the FundedbyMe team..thanks for the invitation!)

All in all, the event was well-attended, and it was a fantastic opportunity to network too with other people in the crowdfunding scene.

Though the preparation to speak was honestly nerve-wracking, it was really fun and enjoyable sharing with the audience on some key lessons learnt from my crowdfunding journey.

Key Lesson

It all began because I chose to write a book-a book that would help other startups launch better crowdfunding campaigns.

Never had I imagined just that simple book would one day it would open the door for me to speak to ambassadors and businessmen!

And that experience has given me inspiration to write my second book, and soon a third book.. (read more below)

So if you're reading this, and have always dreamt of writing your own book. Do it! I urge you.. you'll never know what doors of opportunity will open for you.

simply because you chose to write a book. ;)

-Johnathan Leow

P.S- Stay tuned from 24-28th November. I'm giving out free Kindle copies of my newest crowdfunding book:

Would you like to get the book in advance and help write a review before 24th Nov? Please drop me a an email at johnathan [at] crowdfundedkit.com if you're keen!

Thank you.

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